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Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA)


AABC Commissioning Group (ACG)


Certification is open to independent commissioning companies that are eligible for ACG membership and employ at least one person who qualifies for and passes the ACG certification examination. Certification is issued in the name of the company and designated individual, who must be a registered engineer, licensed architect or certified test and balance engineer, or be able to demonstrate sufficient commissioning experience. Applicants must have completed at least 3 projects as a commissioning service provider.


Candidates may attend an ACG seminar, but are not required to. Seminars cover both existing building and new construction commissioning. Participants may complete the training either during a 5-hour, in-person workshop or 2.5-hour virtual instructor-led webinar. Trainings do not offer a hands-on lab or continuing education units. In-person workshops are offered each year before ACG's annual conference as well as at 2 to 3 additional locations that vary from year to year.


The multiple-choice exam is closed-book and lasts 3 hours. It covers the commissioning process and knowledge of the HVAC industry gained through field experience. Candidates can schedule the exam at testing centers in most metropolitan areas or sit for it immediately after a workshop or seminar. The passing score is 70%.


  • Membership application and exam fee: $250
  • Annual corporate membership dues: $2,000
  • Certification renewal fee: $100 per person
  • Workshop (including exam): $650 per person
  • Webinar (does not include exam): $650 (one connection, unlimited participants)


Certification is renewable annually, subject to receipt of a completed certification renewal form, compliance with continuing education requirements, review of past performance, and payment of dues and fees.


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Last revised October 2010