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The CCC offers a wide array of resources for building owners and Commissioning Providers. If you have comments about how to improve these resources, or ideas for new resources, please contact us at


The Library contains more than 400 commissioning related documents. If you have a document to add to the library, please send it to us. Current holdings include:

  • Commissioning research reports, papers, and articles
  • Technical guides
  • Sample commissioning documents
  • Advice for owners
  • Information for owners about commissioning LEED-certified buildings
  • Case studies
  • Advice and guidelines specifically for commissioning K-12 schools

Commissioning Guides

The California Commissioning Guides are useful resources for building owners, managers and operators as well as others involved in the commissioning process. The set of guides, for new and existing buildings, presents an introduction to the goals, costs and benefits of commissioning and Existing Building Commissioning, and provides detailed information on the processes, team structure and persistence strategies that lead to successful projects.

Tools and Templates

These pages contain sample documents, templates and spreadsheet tools that help Commissioning Providers and building owners plan, scope and execute commissioning and Existing Building Commissioning projects.

Cx Assistant

This web-based tool helps owners and providers scope and create documentation for internal or contracted commissioning projects. Once you enter information about your project, the tool uses your data to suggest:

  • Probable commissioning cost
  • Appropriate commissioning scope
  • Sample scope documents
  • Sample design intent documents
  • Sample commissioning specifications
  • Sample sequences of operations for HVAC equipment

Functional Testing Guide

The Functional Testing Guide provides a practical outline of how to perform functional testing, including field tips and checklists. It is a tool for designers and Commissioning Providers to help ensure efficiency and performance and includes guidance and sample tests for air handlers, chillers, boilers, condensers, and pumping systems, as well as advice on how to achieve integrated operation.

The Guide allows easy access to the many functional tests collected in the Commissioning Test Protocol Library (CTPL), explaining the "how" and "why" behind the functional tests in the CTPL. The Guide's main web page also contains links to integrated resources - the Functional Testing Checklist Tool, Test Directory, and Control System Design Guide.

Case Studies

The CCC has collected case studies on building commissioning, Existing Building Commissioning and energy efficiency projects from around the country. Case studies will help building owners learn about the benefits of commissioning, especially as it relates to facilities similar to their own. If you have a case study to add to our website, please send it to us at

How to Select a Provider

This resource will help building owners select a Commissioning Provider and help providers better understand recommended selection criteria and certification. It includes several valuable kinds of information:

  • General advice on selecting a provider
  • Recommended provider qualifications
  • A description of commissioning provider certification programs
  • A listing of firms that provide commissioning services


A collection of sites with valuable information about commissioning and energy efficiency. If you would like to add your site to our Links, please contact us.

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